Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bridal Work and Then Some.......

August is flying by with back to back weddings, bridal trials for 2011 and more exciting work at the TV studio.  Provided makeup last week for the host and several guests appearing on the series "The Best Years" airing monthly on Ocean County's local cable network.  The shows that will be airing in 2010 are now complete.   In the fall, taping will begin for the 2011 season....can't wait!!!! 

Had such a great time this week, once again, working with the crew doing makeup for a video production which will be presented at Ocean County College's Gala Event taking place this September.  So much fun and such a great experience!!! 

Best Wishes again to all of my summer brides!! Here are a few new photos... Waiting on many pro photos...stay tuned for more!!!